February 14, 2019 2 min read

Press Release                                                               February 14, 2019

For Immediate Release; at AASA National Conference on Education


Capturing Bullets and Turning Them into Sand Like Grains

IoT Connected, Lightweight Shields, Hidden In-Plain-Sight Announced At AASA; Technology Can Make a Real Difference School and Community Safety

Using advanced technologies, Armor At Hand introduces IoT connected lightweight shields that capture high-powered rifle rounds. Disguised as a desktop calendar they are instantly available, mobile and adapt to any type of attack. Equally significant is the assured peace-of-mind of real protection and audio/visual guided paths to safety


Los Angeles CA, February 14, 2019–– Armor At Hand a California manufacturer, takes a new approach to safety by introducing IoT connected shields, that capture high-power rifle rounds turning them into sand like grains. The shields are instantly available, mobile, and adaptable to countless attacker scenarios. Equally important, they are IoT connected, providing autonomous alerts, mapped danger zones, and audio/visual guided paths to safety.

Hidden-in-plane sight; disguised as a larger desk calendar, whiteboard, or artwork, you may not even know they are nearby, except for a small red icon at the corner of the shield. As designed, their placement adds substantial protections while creating secure and peaceful environment.

Shields are strategically placed with simple training to; Lift, Cover, and Protect self and others until help arrives.

““The best first move, is to lift the shield and send an automated help alert. Then move and protect self and others. We address that critical time from identified threat to disarmed attacker. It’s those first few minutes until first responders arrive, where an instant and adaptable defense is needed, along with guided paths to safety. Chad Ahrens, Armor At Hand CEO”

If the shield is on a desk, simply lift the edge for instant cover, then utilize the padded arm and handholds to become mobile. If placed on a wall, pull from its mounts to be deployed. Autonomous alerts are simultaneously sent to others on campus and first responders. The combination addresses “during incident” safety plan performance by offering an immediate defense and instant calls for help, two key elements for any existing safety plan

The shields are made of advanced materials having a life of 20 years or more, the disguise can be changed at any time, and the IoT is update as technologies advance. The result is a purely defensive, durable product, hidden within its environment, providing protection and peace-of-mind for years to come.


Armor At Hand has a patent pending design for lightweight mobile shields disguised to blend into their environment and the IoT system. Shields are made in the USA rated at N.I.J. level III and are provided to schools, places of worship, hospitals, and businesses. School sponsorship programs are available to corporations and foundations. For more information visit www.armorathand.com