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Smart Shields are being introduced by Armor At Hand for protection, from common and extreme violence in school districts, places of worship, and businesses.

Placed on a desktop, the shields provide instantly accessible physical protection coupled with smart IoT/GIS electronics, to guide those affect to safety and to shorten first responder times.

Hidden in plain sight is calm assured protection while dormant and highly capable empowering protection when needed. Existing safety systems are made more effective and security costs are reduced by integrating with our IoT/GIS smart alerts and incident location system.

The result is a defensive, long-term solution, hidden within its environment. There is now peace-of-mind; for staff, students, congregations and those accountable for safety, all at a lower cost.

More Safe, More Calm, and Lower Costs, Ask Us How.









Key Safety Plan Elements  

  •  Instant Life Saving Protection 
  •  Shortened Response Time
  •  Higher Value, 20 Plus Year Product Life

Shield Placement; Entry Area or One Per Classroom/Office