Location Tracking IoT

AutonoAlert is an additional option for your campus. It's an autonomous alert and movement tracking system used by Armor At Hand to integrate the advantages of an IoT connection with the physical shields. Created is a tangible safety product coupled with an electronic IoT safety system that works without human intervention, creating a powerful lifesaving combination.

If attack occurs, the best first move is the instant protective use of a shield along with alerting others autonomously.Next situational awareness is needed for first responders.

AutonoAlert provides autonomous alerts and campus wide room-by-room location tracking of each shield. Two-way communications on the shield and online provides real-time situational awareness for on-campus individuals and first responders.

  • At the first movement of any shield, all shields on the campus light and buzz alerting everyone of an attack.
  • A button on the back also allows for an attacker In-Sight notification.

How these autonomous and manual inputs are used to alert others and first responders is configured based on your campus needs. This includes the amount of movement, timeframes, who is alerted, and what information is provided.

The instant physical protections of the shields is made better by the improved response time through IoT technologies, and every fraction of a second of improved responsiveness can mean a life saved.